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Are you a musical artist and want to succeed?
Unleash your potential with Nonoki and make your dreams come true in the world of music.

Benefits for artists

Wake up the world with your talent! Nonoki offers you a unique platform where your music devastates with unstoppable power. Join our artist program and discover exclusive benefits that will lead you to success:
Join a platform with millions of users around the world and presence in more than 190 countries, Nonoki is your showcase to make yourself known on the most trendy platform of the moment.
Create your account on Nonoki without the need for intermediaries. Quick and easy access so your music reaches your audience whenever you want.
Do you want to own your music? At Nonoki, the creative power is yours: you have complete control of your discography. Decide what you want to upload, when to release your music, and enjoy the artistic freedom you deserve.
Access and use of all our tools are completely free. Save money and time by using them directly, forgetting about intermediaries.
Discover a world where talent is the only thing that matters: join Nonoki and share space with recognized artists, on equal terms with your referents and idols.
Access a suite of tools to boost your professional career. Customize your profile, upload your discography and analyze your statistics in detail.
Manage all your tools and functionalities in a simple and intuitive way through our professional panel designed for you, saving time and allowing you to focus on what really matters: taking your music to the next level.
Our team of professionals is at your disposal to help and guide you at all times. No query is too small to get your music where you want it.

Music is your passion, and we are your springboard to success.

Register as an artist

Register by completing your personal and artistic informatio

Claim your profile

If you are already listed as an artist on Nonoki, claim your profile by following a simple process.

We give you the wings to fly high and enhance your musical career.

At Nonoki, we provide you with a series of tools so that you can get the most out of your talent:

Tools for music artists

Set up and personalize your artist profile with your name, image, music genres, bio, images and links. Verify your profile and stand out from the rest.
Upload albums, songs and singles, and maintain full control over your music.
Analyze how your songs impact your audience with statistics on your artist profile and discography performance. Discover data such as views, the most popular songs and much more.
Increase your reach through our promotion system, for now, only for ambassadors.
Discover upcoming features, such as the merchandising and ticket sales system for your events.

Nonoki Ambassador
Exclusive benefits for artists on Nonoki

Do you want exclusive benefits for your music? Do you want to boost your releases? Join our ambassador program and enjoy exclusive services, such as being featured on major channels, access to playlists, social media promotion, interviews and more. 

We simplify your path to success

Boost your career as an artist with Nonoki in one simple step:

Register as an artist

Register by completing your personal and artistic informatio

Claim your profile

If you are already listed as an artist on Nonoki, claim your profile by following a simple process.

FAQs - Frequently asked questions for artists

Find detailed information on how to set up your profile, album, statistics and
how to get support in Nonoki for artists. 

Nonoki offers numerous benefits to artists, including visibility on a popular streaming platform, access to promotional tools, data analysis, the ability to connect with fans and collaborators, and the opportunity to participate in our program to increase your audience and visibility. .
On Nonoki, artists have access to a variety of tools, such as full management and control of their discography, customizing their profile, viewing streaming statistics, scheduling releases, and participating in special campaigns.
To become an artist on Nonoki, you must first register as a user on our platform. Then, go to the “Register as an Artist” section in your user profile and follow the instructions to submit a request. Our team will review your application and notify you once you are approved as an artist.
If your artist profile is already on Nonoki but you have not claimed it, you can contact us through the “Claim your profile” section. Follow the necessary instructions to claim your artist profile.
Our Ambassadors are featured artists on Nonoki who help promote the platform and enjoy exclusive benefits. If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, you can contact us to learn more about this program and how it works.
If you encounter problems setting up your artist profile, we recommend that you visit the FAQS and Artist Manual. If you still cannot resolve the issue, please contact our support team (

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