Nonoki Presents: 15 Most Anticipated Music Festivals of 2024!

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Calling all music lovers, get ready for another year packed with rhythm, excitement, and unforgettable experiences. The 2024 festival calendar is overflowing with options for all tastes, from iconic gatherings featuring the biggest stars in the music scene to emerging events celebrating fresh sounds and new artists.

Join Nonoki on a worldwide journey to discover the 15 festivals you can’t miss in 2024:

1. Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (Indio, California, USA)

From April 12th to the 21st, Coachella returns with its iconic blend of music, art, and fashion. This year’s lineup promises a dose of pop, hip-hop, indie, and electronic music from artists like Bad Bunny, Blackpink, Frank Ocean, Gorillaz, and Tyler, the Creator.

2. Glastonbury Festival (Pilton, Somerset, UK)

From June 28th to July 1st, Glastonbury celebrates its 50th anniversary with a stellar lineup that includes legendary names like Arctic Monkeys, Elton John, Metallica, and Taylor Swift. An unmissable event for fans of live music and the unique atmosphere of this historic festival.

3. Fuji Rock Festival (Naeba Ski Resort, Niigata, Japan)

From July 27th to the 29th, Fuji Rock invites you to enjoy a unique musical experience amidst the Japanese nature. This year’s lineup brings together international artists like Björk, The Strokes, Kendrick Lamar, and St. Vincent, alongside emerging local talents.

4. Sziget Festival (Budapest, Hungary)

From August 10th to the 15th, Sziget transports you to an island in the heart of Budapest for a week of music, art, theater, and circus. A multicultural festival offering a wide variety of musical genres, from rock and pop to electronic and world music.

5. Lollapalooza (Chicago, Illinois, USA)

From August 2nd to the 4th, Lollapalooza returns to Chicago with its usual dose of alternative rock, indie, hip-hop, and electronic music. This year’s lineup includes artists like Dua Lipa, Green Day, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and The Weeknd.

6. Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival (San Francisco, California, USA)

From August 5th to the 7th, Outside Lands offers you a unique musical and gastronomic experience in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. Artists like Billie Eilish, Foo Fighters, Kendrick Lamar, and The Strokes headline this year’s lineup, alongside a wide selection of local chefs and restaurants.

7. Flow Festival (Helsinki, Finland)

From August 10th to the 13th, Flow Festival invites you to enjoy music and art in a vibrant urban setting. This year’s lineup brings together artists like Arctic Monkeys, Björk, The Chemical Brothers, and Tyler, the Creator, creating a perfect blend of genres and styles.

8. Primavera Sound (Barcelona, Spain)

From June 1st to the 11th, Primavera Sound celebrates its 22nd edition with a lineup that brings together some of the most important artists on the international music scene. Dua Lipa, The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, Kendrick Lamar, and Rosalía are just a few of the names that headline this edition.

9. Rock Werchter (Werchter, Belgium)

From June 30th to July 2nd, Rock Werchter offers you a dose of alternative rock, indie, and electronic music in a festive and family-friendly atmosphere. This year’s lineup includes artists like Arctic Monkeys, Billie Eilish, Pearl Jam, and The Strokes.

10. Osheaga Festival (Montreal, Canada)

From July 27th to the 30th, Osheaga invites you to enjoy live music in the heart of Montreal. This year’s lineup brings together artists like Arcade Fire, Dua Lipa, Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd, and Tyler, the Creator.

11. Pukkelpop (Hasselt, Belgium)

From August 17th to the 20th, Pukkelpop offers you a diverse musical experience in an eclectic atmosphere. This year’s lineup includes artists like Arctic Monkeys, Dua Lipa, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and The Strokes.

12. Reading and Leeds Festivals (Reading and Leeds, United Kingdom)

From August 25th to the 27th, Reading and Leeds offer a double dose of alternative rock, indie, and pop. This year’s lineup includes artists like Arctic Monkeys, Billie Eilish, Dave, The 1975, and The Strokes.

13. ACL Festival (Austin, Texas, USA)

Taking place across two weekends, October 4th-6th and 11th-13th, ACL Festival brings a mix of Americana, rock, pop, and country music to the iconic Zilker Park in Austin. This year’s lineup boasts artists like Chris Stapleton, Foo Fighters, Kendrick Lamar, Lizzo, and Willie Nelson.

14. Austin City Limits Music Festival (Austin, Texas, USA)

From October 4-6 and 11-13, ACL Festival brings you a mix of Americana, rock, pop and country music to Austin’s iconic Zilker Park. This year, the lineup includes artists like Chris Stapleton, Foo Fighters, Kendrick Lamar, Lizzo and Willie Nelson.

15. Corona Capital Guadalajara (Guadalajara, Mexico)

Mark your calendars for November 18th-20th for Corona Capital Guadalajara, offering a unique musical experience in the heart of Jalisco. While the lineup hasn’t been revealed yet, expect a thrilling mix of national and international artists across various genres.

This is just a taste of the incredible music festivals happening in 2024! Explore these options, discover hidden gems, and get ready to create unforgettable experiences filled with music, joy, and new discoveries.

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