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Todo lo que necesitas saber sobre Nonoki
  1. Contract with Ambassadors
    • Each ambassador will sign a contract detailing their responsibilities, the actions they must carry out, the program’s duration, and any benefits or compensation provided. The contract will also establish expectations for both parties and any revocation clauses.
  2. Ambassador Status Revocation
    • The platform reserves the right to revoke ambassador status in case of serious non-compliance with the obligations established in the contract, violation of the platform’s policies, or any other justified reason.
  1. Control and Compliance Monitoring of Actions
    • Ambassadors must commit to promoting the platform and spreading their music through specific actions. The platform will monitor the compliance with these actions, and ambassadors must regularly report on their activities.
  1. How to Apply for the Program
    • Artists interested in joining the Ambassador program must submit an application through a form provided by the platform. The application must include the required template and will be evaluated by the designated jury.
  1. Complete Application Template
    • Those interested in joining the Ambassador program must complete an application template, including information about their artist profile, achievements, motivations for joining the program, and commitments they are willing to make.
  2. Evaluation Criteria
    • To be considered for the Ambassador program, applicants will be evaluated by a panel based on the following criteria:
      1. Talent
        • The quality of the music and the artistic ability of the applicant.
      2. Originality
        • The artist’s ability to offer a unique and creative approach in their music
      3. Number of Followers
        • The size of their follower base on the platform.
      4. Career Projection
        • The viability and long-term prospects of their artistic career.
      5. Production Quality
        • The quality of their music production and recordings
      6. Presence/Notability
        • The artist’s public image and impact on the platform’s community.
  1. Change of Identity / Impersonation
    • Artist profiles cannot change their image or name after verification. Impersonation will result in profile cancellation.
  2. Non-Original or Harmful Content
    • Uploading content that does not belong to the artist or is harmful, violent, or does not fit the platform’s theme will result in profile cancellation.
  3. Ongoing Compliance
    • Artists must continuously comply with our requirements and policies to keep their profile active on the platform. Consistent non-compliance may lead to profile cancellation.
  1. Verification Criteria Definition
    • We will establish criteria for verifying artist profiles. Verification will be exclusive to platform Ambassadors.
  2. Verification Revocation
    • We reserve the right to revoke the verification of an artist profile in case of non-compliance with our criteria or for the following reasons:
      • Improper use of verification.
      • Serious violation of our policies.
      • Change in circumstances justifying revocation.
  1. Failure to Meet Previous Points
    • The artist profile will be denied in case of non-compliance with any of the requirements mentioned in Section 1.
  2. Incorrect Information
    • The absence of information fields or the submission of false information in the artist profile will result in denial.
  3. Inadequate Documentation
    • The profile application will be denied if the provided documentation is insufficient, expired, illegible, or of low quality, or if identity theft is detected.
  4. Unapproved Musical Content
    • Artist profiles with musical content that does not meet our criteria will not be approved. This includes content that is not considered music or is not original.
  1. Artist Profile Application
    • To request the creation of an artist profile on our platform, users must meet the following requirements:
  2. Information Compliance
    • Applicants must complete all information fields accurately and truthfully. This includes providing complete contact and biographical information.
  3. Identity Documentation
    • Applicants must provide identity documents showing both sides, displaying their face alongside the front of the identity document. The documents must meet the following criteria:
      • They must be current.
      • They must be legible and of high quality.
      • They must be complete and not partially obscured.
  4. Correct Musical Content
    • It will not be possible to upload audios that are not considered musical compositions unless they belong to understand a complete work.
    • Content that is racist, violent or violates our policies will not be allowed (they will go through a prior YouTube filter).
    • Accepted types of music content include original music, remixes and covers, as long as copyright is adhered to and legal regulations are followed.
  5. Licenses and Copyright
    • Artists must ensure they have the appropriate licenses for the music they wish to upload and that they respect copyright. Current legal regulations must be followed.

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